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Alien Creep Mod

Cow flying into a disc-shaped UFO, relatable right? Yes, we are talking about aliens who frequently raid our planet for cows and innocent people. But in Alien Creeps game, it is the other way around. It’s not aliens attacking us but the humans attacking alien civilizations and destroying their creepy towers of control.

Alien Creeps TD is the tower defense game that has it all; frenzied action battles, Hordes of devious enemies, Lightning bolts, Helicopters, Explosions.

It’s not as popular as the Clash of Clans, but we can promise that it won’t let you sit idle. There is so much to explore in the game, and the overall gameplay is just amazing.

The objective of the game is simple; you have to destroy alien colonies to establish your power. Although the game is free to play and download, there are items in the game store that can be purchased through real money. In addition to that, the accumulation of primary resources is a slow process. So, if you don’t want to sit idle and watch your army grow at a snail’s pace, Alien Creeps Mod apk is the best alternative to get unlimited resources and other beneficial features.

Where to get Alien Creeps Mod APK?

alien creep

Alien Creeps is a lesser known game and finding a legit working mod for the same can be a bit difficult. If you also don’t want to put an extra effort into finding the mod, we can make your job one step easier. We are dropping a fully functional download link for the Alien Creeps Unlimited everything Mod apk. Remember that the file is hosted on a safe and secure server which will not force you to watch ads or fill useless surveys.

Real Racing 3 Mod alien creep logo
Developer: Outplay Entertainment Ltd
Publishers: Download

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Features of Alien Creeps Mod APK

Feature Description
energyUnlimited Energy Your avatar’s energy is limited. It can only handle a few gunshots. To be able to fight against a considerable alien troop you need boundless energy so that you can respawn quickly.
gemsUnlimited Gems Gems can be used to fasten the upgrade process and leveling up. However, I wouldn’t suggest using it in the first place. Instead, I would recommend you shouldn’t spend gems on something where you can wait. Accumulation of these gems is a very slow paced process, and the means to obtain gems are limited. However, with unlimited gems that you get with this mod, you can level up without thinking about spending up too much. Gems can also be used to achieve instant upgrades.
heroesAll heroes unlocked Heroes are the primary units of your army. You initially get one hero for your army while other heroes can be unlocked by completing missions, leveling up and spending coins. If you are a grumpy gamer and don’t wish to wait for so long, you can have all the heroes unlocked using this mod.
unlimited coinsUnlimited Coins A coin is the primary currency in the game and can be collected by winning battles. You do get some coins initially to kickstart your game, but the only source of collecting more coins is by mining and winning battles. However, you get unlimited coins with the Alien Creeps Mod apk which can help you to upgrade your base of operations and defend against alien attacks.
gunDouble damage A standard attack on an enemy base can last a few minutes depending on your army. However, it is a matter of less than a minute when your command deals twice the damage.
unlimited healthIncreased Army health Your infantry levels can directly affect your attacks. More health means more wins. With upgraded infantry troops, they have improved health than usual which directly increases the survival time of your infantry.
upgraded weaponsUpgraded Weapons No battle was won without a good arsenal. If you want to increase your victory rate, you should have a good collection of weapons. With Alien Creeps Mod apk, you can have a fully upgraded arsenal which includes destructive weapons like Machine Guns, Laser, Rocket, Fusion cell, Cryo Bomb and much more.
towerUpgraded Tower The tower is the core unit of your base and building a strong core is equally important. An upgraded tower can hold the enemies for quite some time and in many cases, can even defend the whole attack. Get upgraded towers like M-G MK III tower, Rail Gun tower and more with the mod.

How to install Alien Creeps Mod apk?

Installing Alien Creeps Mod couldn’t get more comfortable. Following is a step by step process that will guide you through.

Step 1) Uninstall any previous version(if any) of Alien Creeps from your device, clear cache, and data.
Step2) Download the mod from the link given under the previous heading.
Step 3) Locate the mod in the file explorer.
Step 4) Open the application, and the installation will begin.
Step 5) Once the installation is complete, allow asked permissions.
Step 6) Slay aliens in the Alien Creeps Mod APK.


Alien Creep Victory

This game is one of its kind and brings out the exciting part of strategy games. Alien creeps mod apk is best blended with an ample amount of action and strategy. You can invite your friends to create allies with you to all-out war and share Airstrikes and Reinforcements with them! Defend the earth with this free to play strategy game.

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