Hyper Heroes Mod APK – Unlimited Diamonds with Private Server

Hyper heroes mod

A hero is any person that intends on making the world a better place. Do you also wish to become a hero? Do you want to save innocent people from hordes of monsters? If your answer is yes, then this game is for you. With an interesting concept (tap, swipe, and sling), it will take you a little bit of time to grasp the basics of this game.

Your primary objective in the game will be to fight monsters, unleashing explosive power and loot epic treasures. A real-time PvE and PvP fighting concept makes it more challenging than ever. Since the gameplay and controls are unique, there are chances that you might become weak in front of the ferocious monsters.

To eliminate the possibilities of losing a fight in the game, we are bringing for you Hyper Heroes Marble like RPG Mod APK. It is the latest hack version of the game which offers infinite gems, infinite money and much more.

Hyper Heroes Private Server

hyper heroes private server

Most server-based games cannot be hacked. Being one of them, it is near to impossible to hack Hyper Heroes too. One reason behind this is that most of the game development is done on the server side that remains inaccessible to the user. Most of the files at the user’s end are simply the animation, graphics, rendering and a few security and communication-related files. The server-based files and logics keep on updating with each update and thus, making static hacks unsupported with the next update.

However, to make this work for you, Hyper Heroes private server hosts all its data and files on a private server. A server that is user-friendly and allows the user to modify their resources and other data. Moreover, this works separately and has no knots with the original Hyper Joy server. Now that our secret is out in front of you, this is how our developers hacked Hyper Heroes.

You can download Hyper Heroes mod by clicking on the link below:

Hyper Heroes Mod Hyper heroes logo
Developer: HyperJoy
Publishers: ModsApks.com Download

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Attached above is a download link to the latest version of the mod. In case of future updates, you can download the newer version(s) from the same website.


Hyper Heroes mod offers you a bevy of features that outshine the original game. All you have to do is sling your heroes and send them smashing towards the monsters. It is as simple as that. Crush the monsters to death by buying all the heroes in the clan. You can only unleash explosive power by using the high damage feature of the modded version of the game. That’s not all. Let’s learn about the other amazing features of Hyper Heroes mod:

Feature Description
diamondUnlimited Diamonds The mod version of the game comes with unlimited diamonds. Thus, you don’t have to stress about accumulating diamonds in the game. You can focus on other aspects of the game, like devising strategies to smash more monsters in one go. Isn’t that convenient?
mod menuMod menu The mod menu has several features, including the world-class God Mode. The menu will set you apart from other gamers and help you gain an upper hand in the game.
Unlimited MoneyUnlimited money With unlimited money, you can buy all the heroes that are a crucial part of the game. You can use their strength to your advantage and go up a level in the game. It doesn’t get any better than this. You don’t have to worry about accumulating money or unlocking heroes. This is one of the best features of Hyper Heroes mod. Each hero comes with a set of unique stats and skills that greatly affects how you plan your move.
headshotHigh damage If tactical thinking is not turning the tide in your favor, then this feature definitely will. With high damage, you can actually cause destruction on a massive scale. Imagine killing all the monsters in a single blow. Occasionally, you adjust formations and build combos but stay deprived of victory.
shieldBetter defense You can try out different combos and setups to gain an upper hand over the monsters. With this feature, you will be able to defend yourself better from the tyranny of the monsters. Your heroes are equipped with ‘skin’ to modify their appearance and give them a stats boost that helps them defend themselves better in the game. Overcome your enemies with this mind-blowing feature and level up!
gunInstant kill With this feature, you can instantly kill your opponents in one single sling. Gone are the days when you had to throw your heroes at the monsters multiple times to kill them!
root directoryNo root required The best part about the mod is its compatibility with non-rooted devices. Unlike most of the mods, our Hyper Heroes Mod works like a charm on any rooted as well as a non-rooted device.

Wrapping up

Hyper Heroes mod offers free in-app purchases. You can also share the adrenaline rush that this game gives you with up to three friends. How cool is that? In the modded version of the game, your heroes can wield the power of hero relics and alter their appearance. All this is possible by a single swipe. Play this power-packed game with your friends by downloading it today!

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