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Minion Rush Mod APK

More than 100 million people have experienced the Minion Rush mod APK, and it’s your turn now. Bleed yellow with Gru’s loyal, mischievous and yellow minions is this tastiest runner game.

Get into Gru’s lair, discover mysterious locations and complete crazy missions around the world. Developed by Gameloft, Minion Rush mod APK 2019 is based on the animated movie, Despicable Me. Producers recently rolled out the latest version of the game on January 9, 2019, across various platforms.

Although the game is free to play, several items can be purchased in the store with virtual currency that can be earned as you progress through the game, or by spending real money through credit/debit cards. Well, if you are one of those hard earners and do not want to waste your money on virtual games, here is a real deal for you. The deal comes down in a package named Minion rush mod APK 2019.

Acquire the feels of despicable me by running through the stunning 3D environments inspired by the movie. You have one job, dash through the lanes of Bratt’s Lair, Egyptian Pyramids, the Anti-Villain League, and many more.

Note: Minion rush is the only game inspired by the movie, Despicable me(Created by Gameloft). All other games are a mere parody of the original game.

Minion Rush Mod Despicable Me mod apk Download

Modified applications are often used to repack viruses and remote access tools into actual applications, which can be further used to undermine your data. We suggest you download any such mods from your personally trusted servers or you can directly download the latest Minion Rush mod apk version from the following link:

Minion Rush Mod APK minion rush mod
Developer: Gameloft
Publishers: Download

Note: This file is tested for viruses and any other internet threats and is entirely safe for downloading. The data is already modded to provide unlimited resources, and we do not suggest you indulge into any further modifications.

Minion Rush Mod apk installation requirements

  • Your device should be running Android Version 4.1 or higher(iOS 6.1.6 or higher for iPhones and iPads).
  • 100 MB of free space should be available on your device.
  • A stable internet connection should be present on your device to load some in-game contents and other resources.
  • RAM equal to 256 MB or higher for a smooth experience.

Steps for Installation of Minion Rush APK

Before moving any further, uninstall any version of Minion Rush installed on your device.

Step 1) Enable installation from unknown sources by heading to your privacy section in the settings menu.

Step 2) Download Minion Rush mod apk from the link shared above in the article.

Step 3) After downloading, install the file usually by granting app permissions.

Step 4) Post successful installation, launch the game and enjoy unlimited everything in Minion Rush mod apk.

Note: We do not recommend any unwanted means of obtaining unlimited resources in the game. This modded version of Minion Rush is just for personal use.

Free Purchase in Minion Rush Mod APK

Well, the modded version is optimized at its best to provide unlimited resources, let’s look at what this “unlimited” actually means, sometimes also referred to as Unlocked Minion Rush mod apk:

Feature Description

Unlocked Costumes

Dozens of fresh and unique costumes are unlocked in the mod along with the rare disguises such as the Surfer, Ninja, Lucy and many more.
 unlimited coins

Unlimited Coins

Each disguise and costume has its special skills, dash or running style, and power-up combos to help your minion complete the run. Unlock their full potential by upgrading them to the maximum level by using unlimited money.
unlocked minion

Unlocked Minions

You do not need to win events to unlock other minions as it comes unlocked with the Minion Rush mod apk.

Is Unlocked Minion Rush for iPhone available?

Dear iPhone users, don’t be disappointed as unlike most of the other modded games, Unlocked Minion Rush apk for iPhone is available for download. Enjoy all the benefits of unlimited resources and dash through the fantastic runs.

Ending Words

Minion Rush is a family friendly game and can be enjoyed on a variety of devices. Ranked on the Editors’ Choice list of games, it is a fun game for every age group. So, what are you waiting for? Lace up your shoes and join the award-winning, fan favorite runner game, Despicable Me Minion Rush.

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