Real Bike Racing Mod APK – Unlimited Money & Unlocked Bikes

Real bike racing mod apk

One of the most iconic moto racer Valentino Rossi once said, riding a race bike is an art, a thing that you do because you feel something inside which is indeed true.

If you want nothing else but to be behind the handlebar, even when you are not there on the roads, there is a game you must play, a game meant for those who have a racing DNA. Real Bike Racing is what we are talking about here.

Real Bike Racing is absolutely fun to play; the ultimate motorcycle racing experience of the game can bring a tough time for the first-timers and beginners. If you are afraid that you are probably going to crash the motorcycle into another vehicle or the divider, we are here to rescue you. Controlling a bike is not easy even if it is in a game that is why we bring you the mod version of Real Bike Racing. This version allows you to crash and repair your bike any number of times. On top of you get every bike unlocked without having to pay for them in coins.

Although the game is free to play and download, some items in the store can be purchased using real money. If you don’t wish to be charged for any of this, Real Bike racing Mod is the best alternative to go for. The mod provides you with an unlimited amount of resources which helps you overpower your rivals. The fantastic racing dynamics and an impressive lot of over ten superbikes are something to drool for.

Gameplay and Graphics

Gameplay of Real bike racing

You will be reminded of the MotoGP era with the first look at the game. The design, artistry, and gameplay are tried to keep as real as possible without being too hard on the hardware.

The objective of the game is pretty straightforward. You need to reach the finish line without getting crashed. Coins can be collected by completing the races and performing near misses in the game.

The game provides real-life features like fully functional rear view mirrors, 3D graphics, and Dynamic Lighting. If all of this was not enough to catch your attention, it could also be equipped with VRs like Google Cardboard to experience the virtual reality. Test this fantastic game by trying yourself.

Download Mod APK

Follow the installation process provided at the end of the post to install the application.

Real Bike Racing Mod Real bike racing logo
Developer: Italic Games
Publishers: Download

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What does Real Bike Racing Mod offer?

We already told you that Real Bike Racing Mod offers you unlimited resources, but there’s something more to that. Here are four more jaw-dropping features of the mod:

Feature Description
high speedUnlock High Speed Speed and strategy is everything when it comes to racing. You have to take care of the strategy part, rest assured all the bikes in the game will have the maximum possible speed.
 motor-sports Unlocked Bikes The cost of the top rank holder can go in millions which can take months of gameplay. If you are not patient enough to wait for such a long time, try your hands on all of the bikes that are pre-unlocked with this amazing mod.
unlimited coins Unlimited Coins High scores can be achieved by completing successful wheelies and completing crashless runs. The bonus can be achieved by prolonged wheelies.
unlimited moneyUnlimited Money Money or also known as cash is the secondary currency in the game and is mainly used to purchase rare superbikes. Bikes so crazy that they can make you dribble mere with their looks alone. The performance on such machines are crazy, and the most popular one in the garage are CBR100, DKD98, BM500, and GS110R all of which are derived from the real world superbikes.
trackUnlocked Tracks Racing on the same track can get monotonous and boring. Real Bike racing originally offers several tracks. However, only the first one is unlocked, and others can be unlocked by completing their previous ones. If you are rebellious and don’t wish to follow their conduct, you can play all unlocked tracks on our Real Bike racing mod.

How to Install Real Bike Racing Mod

Okay, now you have the basic idea of what Real Bike racing mod is and what it offers. The next question is, how to install. The installation process is a piece of cake and can be broken down in 4 significant steps:

  1. Uninstall any other previous version of Real Bike racing Mod from your device(if any).
  2. Head to your phone settings and turn on “Installations from unknown sources.”
  3. Install the apk file you downloaded from the link provided under the last heading.
  4. Once the installation is complete, you can now enjoy Real Bike racing mod.


Real Bike racing is an exciting 3D racing game. Get head on head with pro bikers from around the world to compete in the World Racing Championship. The game controls are easy, and you will be able to complete the races without any problem. But as you level up, the races become hard, and there are few levels which have left me stuck on them too. If you have got what it takes to be the number one, get ready for an adrenaline pumped racing game and ride your way to the finishing line in the fastest lane on all.

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