Real Racing 3 Mod APK – All Unlocked (Latest v7.2.0)

Real Racing 3 mod

“It is not always possible to be the best, but it is always possible to improve your own performance.”

This quote not only drives everyone out to be a better version of themselves but it also makes people realize that the only person you should be comparing yourself with is you.

Developed by Electronic Arts is this award-winning franchise that sets a new standard for mobile racing games – play it to believe it. One of the most awarded games of 2013-14, Real Racing is an amazing mixture of 3D graphics and intuitive gameplay. As this franchise gets its third edition of the mobile racing game, winning becomes tougher than before. If you are still struggling to get that grip behind the wheel, we strongly recommend trying the all-new Real Racing 3 Mod APK.

When the best players from around the globe gather, the competition is real, and you definitely don’t want to be left behind on the leaderboard. So, Real Racing 3 Mod APK gives you that little push to be better than most of the players. Real Racing Mod APK provides you with an unlimited amount of gold and money which can be utilized to buy and upgrade your ride. That’s not all, there’s more to it, and we recommend you to bring your attention to the next part of this article.

About Real Racing 3 Mod APK

about real racing 3

This is a modified version of the original version of Real Racing 3 that brings unlimited in-game resources at your disposal. It works on concepts of modified game files which is how you get all the exciting features. Well, the tedious task here is to find a trusted and working mod version of the game. To make your job easier, we are sharing a download link for the Real Racing 3 mod apk hosted on a safe and secure server. We respect the privacy of our users and therefore, enforce strict measure to protect our users’ details. Following is a link to download the mod which is tested for viruses and threats and is safe for use.

Real Racing 3 Mod real racing 3 logo
Developer: Electronic Arts
Publishers: Download

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Given above is a link to download the latest version 7.2.0 of Real Racing 3 Mod APK. If you are looking for an older version of this mod without bugs, the following is the download link to its previous versions:

Real Racing 3 old Mod real racing 3 old version logo
Developer: Electronic Arts
Publishers: Download

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Features of the Mod

This all unlocked version of Real Racing 3 mod packs some of the most exciting features like unlimited gold and unlimited money to name a few. If we could sum up all the features of the mod, the following five features will do the justice:

Feature Description
Unlocked carsAll cars unlocked When it comes to picking a car, everyone has got their own sweet taste. If you are a man of your principles and like to stick with a particular brand or model, here’s a deal for you. All cars are already unlocked for free in this mod, and there’s no need to exert yourself to unlock those 140+ crazy cars.
unlimited cashUnlimited Money Okay, you have all the cars unlocked, but how are you going to buy all those cars if you don’t have money. Relax from all the trouble as the mod brings unlimited money to your account which is more than enough to buy anything and everything in the store. Money can also be utilized in upgrading your drives to churn out more power.
unlimited coins Unlimited Gold With unlimited gold, you can unlock any car that you want and try new strategies to level up in the game. You no more have to focus on accumulating gold because you have a lifetime’s worth of it. You can do anything in the game you want to by shelling out gold.
upgrade carsFully Upgraded Cars The fully upgraded cars feature allows you to have a custom wheel, rim, design, etc. Now, you finally have control over the appearance of your vehicle. You can change the way it looks. You can make it look snazzier to appeal to a younger lot. Everything is in your hands.
trackTrack Unlocked With the track unlocked, you are not restricted by which track you can use and which track you can’t. You can choose whichever track you want to race on. The sky’s the limit.

Hack Real Racing 3 with Lucky Patcher

Real Racing 3 can be easily hacked when it is paired with Lucky Patcher. It is an excellent hacking apk. You can unlock all the gold and money and make in-app purchases using Lucky Patcher. You don’t even have to root your phone for it. If Lucky Patcher doesn’t work on your device, you can try maybe installing a Lucky Patcher clone or using the exposed option to hide Lucky Patcher from other apps. The latter is a lifesaver. You read the complete guide on how to hack any game using the original Lucky Patcher app here.

End Words

Real Racing 3 Mod APK works better than the old mod version. Download it today to show your friends who the leader of the clan is. Beat them in this adrenaline-inducing racing game and taste victory at every stage with the modded version of the app.

Are you ready for the ride?

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