Standoff Multiplayer Mega Mod – (Unlimited Health & Ammo)

Standoff Multiplayer mod

Back in the days, were you one of that person whose fingers would reach WASD keys on its own while starting the PC. If your answer is yes, you’re probably a hardcore gamer.

Back when Counter-Strike was the most hyped game among teenagers, the game did not just build a community, it built a family. A family of Counter-Strike Gamers. Now, when most of the gaming has been shifted to the smartphone platform, the CS culture slowly faded away.

If you think that way too, we have something of your interest, a mobile version of CS. Standoff Multiplayer is a counter strike inspired multiplayer game which brings back the nostalgic maps, guns, and gameplay experience into your smartphone.

Standoff Gameplay

The gameplay is smooth and controls are handy. Graphics are kept minimal to make the game run faster. Standoff Multiplayer mod sponsors different modes such as Team Deathmatch, Arms Race, Capture the flag and the Sniper Duel each of which gives you several advantages over the original game. Choose one of the modes and fight until the end to prove your supremacy. Standoff Multiplayer Mod lets you play the game online with global players or over a local network with friends. The game has 12 different guns under the categories of Assault rifles, Sniper rifles, SMGs and Pistols. Further, the game has 49 profile ranking from Recruit and all the way up to Commander.

Still not convinced? Read further to know why this mod version should be on your phone right away.

Download Standoff Mod

Please download the 28 MB APK file first from the download button given below. After installing the apk file download the 124 MB OBB files and place them under /sdcard/Android/obb/ directory of your phone.

Standoff Multiplayer Mod APK Standoff Multiplayer logo
Developer: Axlebolt
Publishers: Download

Download obb files from here.

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Standoff Multiplayer Mod Features

Standoff Multiplayer Mod is the modified file based on the original Play Store version. This hacked version comes with the apk file, which is the standard application package and the modified obb file which contains all the resources of the game. We discussed why this game is so hyped and here are 9 more such reasons to convince you into downloading Standoff Mega Mod:

Feature Description
unlimited healthUnlimited Health/100% health This mod gives you unlimited health, i.e. 100% health at all times. Using unlimited health, you can act as a tank to absorb all the damage providing a cover to your teammates and leading them to victory. In other modes, you can go out on your own and kill all the enemies in a matter of seconds.
unlimited coinsUnlimited Coins Coins perform as the primary currency in the game. While the use of coins while not playing is limited, it can still be used to purchase raging outfits, weapons and other primary stuff. However, you can choose from a variety of weapons in the mode menu while starting the game.
InvisibleInvisible Have you heard the story of an invisible man? What if I told you that it was possible to make that story a reality. Turn invisible in the game with Standoff Multiplayer Mod and shoot down your enemies by standing right in front of them. Well, they can’t shoot you if they can’t see you.
100% Shield Protection You can’t win a game if you don’t have enough gears to protect yourself. Body shield comes first in the list of protective gears. Not only the shield protects you from the early shots fired, but it can also be used to absorb almost full damage from long range shots.
auto aimAuto Aim Reflex reactions play the most important part while gaming. To top the charts, you must own a superior set of reflexes. Not all of us are good at aiming in a matter of seconds. For the very same reason, Standoff Multiplayer Mod comes with Auto Aim functionality which can shoot down your enemy in the blink of an eye.
upgraded weapons Unlimited Ammo Even the best driver in the world is nothing without his car. Likewise, a gun is nothing without the ammo. Ammo can be purchased during the beginning of each game. However, it is limited as the time allotted for purchase is only a few seconds long. With the mod, you can own unlimited ammo and fire as much as you want.
shotgunUnlocked Weapons Weapons in the original game can be unlocked by achieving new levels starting from the recruit. With the mod, you get all weapons unlocked without any need to progress into the game. Choose the weapon of your choice and demolish them all.
brick wallWall Hack  It gets annoying when your enemy is continuously taking cover behind the walls making it impossible to shoot. Well, now you can shoot them down through walls. Yes, it’s possible with the Wall Hack feature of Standoff Multiplayer Mod.

If you are still not convinced, we may doubt your abilities to judge 😛

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Throw grenades, Fire and Take cover!

Are you a gunslinger, sniper or do you prefer stealth operations? Choose your role and arsenal to take on enemies in multiple game modes. Along with the mentioned features, the Standoff Mega Mod also offers commander rank by default and an increased point system which lets you score more points than usual. Breathtaking action, cover fires, grenades, and interesting ranking system won’t let you sit down in peace. Go and start playing now.

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