Street Racing 3D Hack – Download Unlocked APK

Street Racing 3d mod apk

 Street racing King.

That’s what you become when you have mastered Street Racing 3D.

Drive extreme cars in this adrenaline pumping street racing game.

Race, tune up your car, compete against rivals, win races, top the leaderboards and show what you are really capable of. Requiring experienced racing and driving skills, this game can be quite difficult for some of the freshmen in the category. This is where Street racing 3D hack comes to the rescue for the beginners.

Street racing 3D is a generic racing game where the main objective is to complete the race in the minimum time possible. Bonus can be achieved by performing drifts, jumps and smashing cars. The way how game displays detailed and slow-motion replays of in-game actions is something to definitely look for. The game has different racing competition modes and the gameplay of “behind the wheel” experience is more realistic than most of the racing games out there. The game is integrated with one of the best 3D graphics and is based on car physics which makes the game stand out of the crowd.

In today’s guide, we will walk you through the features of Street Racing 3D hack, how to download it, how the hack works and our verdict on the game.

Street Racing 3D Mod APK  Street Racing 3D logo
Developer: Ivy
Publishers: Download

Features of Street Racing 3D hack apk

Mods or also known as modified APKs are applications which alter the initial value of the resources in the game and can be used to make the gameplay easier. Street Racing 3D hack apk is also one such modded application of the real game where you can make use of unlimited resources it offers. Following are some of the key features of the Street Racing 3D hack apk:

Features Description
Unlimited Coins/Money Street Racing 3D mod apk provides you unlimited coins by default. Coins can be used to upgrade your cars, buy new cars and to unlock new circuits. Coins are earned in the game by completing races and by performing stunt combos. Using Street Racing 3D hack, you can save your time that you would spend on collecting coins to buy cars and upgrading them.
Unlimited Gems Gems are limited resources in any game and are used to make special purchases and revive in the game. With unlimited diamonds that come with Street Racing hack apk, you can play endlessly in the game and buy rare cars in the store.
Unlocked Circuits The game by default comes with only a few circuits unlocked. New circuits are unlocked by completing races on previous tracks. It is no problem now as the street racing hack apk comes with unlocked circuits inbuilt.
Unlocked cars We all know the struggle to collect a number of coins to buy some special car. Well, it is not a problem anymore as the street racing hack apk has all the cars unlocked from before.
Upgraded Engine Engine performance is one of the key factors in winning every race. You definitely don’t want to blame your engine when you lose a race. To make things easier, Street Racing hack apk provides upgraded engine without any hard work.
Unlimited Nitrous Remember the time when your rival took you down at the last moment of the race just because he had the nitrous and you didn’t. Well, you will not be losing anymore because the hacked version of street racing 3D will provide you unlimited nitrous throughout the race.

You can download Street racing 3D hack here:

Hack using Cheat Engine- How it works

Street Racing 3d cheat engine

According to an answer on StackOverflow, a cheat engine works by accessing the internal memory components of the process responsible for keeping a track of the resources used in the game.

Here is what it actually does:

“A process can be connected to another process such that it has access to that process’s memory. This is designed for debugging programs. A debugger needs to be attached to the process being debugged and needs to be able to read any memory data, break execution, edit memory data, inject code, etc. Cheat Engine just re-purposes these debugger functions in order to modify in-game values.”

Note: Cheat engine can only be used in offline host side games and cannot be used to hack server-based games. Most multiplayer games have protection measures against such modifications and are immune to Cheat Engine.

How to hack?

Step 1: Download Cheat engine apk on your android device( Remember to enable installations from unknown sources in your phone settings).
Step 2: After successful installation, open the game and minimize it.
Step 3: Open cheat engine and you go down to values section. Search for a parameter which has a number attached to it such as Gold, diamonds, level etc.
Step 4: Change the value and open the game. You will notice that the altered value in the cheat engine has been reflected into the game.

Note: Most of the modern games cannot be hacked using cheat engine and have a strict policy against players using such means of modifications. We do not encourage hacking and this is just for demonstration.

Hack with Lucky Patcher

Street Racing 3D hack using lucky patcher

Lucky patcher is another such popular application used for modifying the game. Lucky Patchers alters the value of resources stored in androidmanifest.xml which is the core information file of the application. For example, it can be used to remove ads from an application by removing the attribute of the file which stores advertisements or simply cutting off the internet connection to that particular attribute.

Note: Most of the applications’ androidmanifest.xml file requires root permission on the android. Further, modifying an original application can make it unstable. So, it is always recommended to create a backup of your original file in case the modded application is unstable or crashes often.

How to use Lucky Patcher?

Step 1: Download Luck Patcher and install it.
Step 2: Locate the application and patch it using suitable mode( Create a backup of original application if the process fails).
Step3: After successful patching, use the store in the game to buy unlimited resources.


Street Racing 3D is a game or thrill, rush and skill. Take amazing turns, perform breathtaking turns and drift down the corners to finally win the race. It is a unique combination of arcade action and driving simulation. Go, rule the streets now.

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