Subway Princess Runner Mod APK

Subway Princess Runner Mod apk

Subway Princess Runner is not altogether a completely unique game. The gameplay is derived mostly out of Subway Surfers but with a different storyline and graphical elements. The premise of the game is quite simple: dodge obstacles, such as incoming trains, and save your princess.

In this snow-themed subway runner game, you’ve to make sure you don’t get caught up and not finish the chase within a time frame. You got it right? You’re being chased down by time and the patrol officer while you endeavor to save the princess. You can also choose to skateboard down the snowy path.

Did you get an adrenaline rush while reading this?

The concept of the game is quite catchy and exciting, just like Bus Rush Mod and Subway Surfer Mod with a storyline. It will, undoubtedly, keep you hooked for hours. You will obtain coins in the game when you complete daily tasks. But let’s be honest here, most gamers tend to get impatient as the process of collecting coins is mundane and long drawn out. We millennials need a quick fix for everything. Lo, behold Subway Princess Runner Mod APK, a modified version of the original game that offers unlimited resources.

Did we hear you say, modified what? Let’s start from scratch. Our guide will apprise you with everything you need to know about the Subway Princess Runner Mod APK, top features of the mod and why we think you should install it without a second thought! Read through it carefully and make an informed decision.

Subway Princess Runner Mod APK: Unlocked

unlocked subway princess

Subway Princess Runner Mod APK is an addictive mod game. It’s a fun surfing game which involves mind-numbing action and cool graphics. The modified version of the original Subway Princess Runner offers enhanced efficiency. But let’s rewind a little bit and tell you in brief about modded games.

Mods, short for modifications, are edits that users make to an actual game. Mods are equivalent of fanfictions. They’re free of cost, fix bugs that frequently occur in the original game, offer users a smoother interface and also give extra features to the gamers for an entirely new gaming experience. Subway Princess Runner hack is so popular that it has overshadowed the original game. We’re sure you’re convinced about installing Subway Princess Runner Mod APK into your Android smartphone. Here’s a safe link to download the modded version of the game. We’ve tested this link for viruses. Here you go:

Subway Princess Runner Mod Subway Princess Runner logo
Developer: Ivy
Publishers: Download

Top Features Of Subway Princess Runner Mod APK

With the Subway Princess Runner Mod APK, you can run in the urban landscape or the city. The choice is yours. Feeling spoilt? Well, you should. Here are the five brilliant features that you get access to on installing Subway Princess Runner Mod APK:

Feature Description
Unlimited Money

Unlimited Money

By installing the modded version of the game, you get unlimited money. You can skate as many times as you want or race, the choice is yours. With power, comes responsibility. Make sure to use the money responsibly. Do not throw it away on useless action items.
coin magnet

Coin Magnet

The best feature of Subway Princess Runner Mod APK is the coin magnet that you get for free. As you run, coins around you will get collected automatically by the magnet action. Go ahead and chase as many coins as you want to. Isn’t this exciting? Wait, there’s more. Read on.
unlocked characters

All Characters Unlocked

By installing Subway Princess Runner Mod APK, you also get Santa Claus and Bruce Lee for free. Go ahead and change your avatar. Impress the other gamers and challenge them to a duel.

Unlimited Gems

You also get unlimited gems on installing the modded version. Talk about wanting something and getting it. Feels like your birthday.
all features

Unlimited Everything

As we’ve mentioned in the previous listings, you get unlimited everything. There will be a constant bombarding of gifts, coins, and beautiful 3D sceneries. Everything you wished for is here in Subway Princess Runner Mod APK!

If you are a big fan of runner games you will definitely like Minion Rush Mod APK, a game developed based on Minion movie.

Required App Permissions

Subway Princess Runner Mod APK requires the following permissions on your Android device. Make sure to give all these permissions to the mod for it to function correctly.

  • Make sure to let the mod access open network sockets.
  • The app requires access to information about networks.
  • The game requires permission to write to external storage.
  • Give information about the WiFi networks to Subway Princess Runner Mod APK.
  • The app prevents the processor from sleeping or the screen from dimming lights while the action ensues in the game.

Go, save the Princess!

Our primal instinct is to protect our loved ones from getting hurt or hurting themselves, isn’t it?

Almost all of the gamers are very invested in the princess’s safety in Subway Princess Runner Mod APK. After all, the goal is to rescue her. In the way, you will be obstructed by trains, villains and a snowy path. Do not lose faith. Conquer your fears and dive straight into the game in a focused manner. Aim for the destination. Switch lanes carefully, otherwise a train may hit and kill you.

Keep in mind that the life of the princess is in your hands. Go for it!

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