SUP Multiplayer Racing Mod APK – (Unlimited Coins, Unlocked Cars)

SUP Multiplayer Mod

If you thrive on the racing style shown in the Fast and Furious Saga, we have something for you in store. SUP Multiplayer Racing, a real-time racing game inspired loosely from the concept of death race.

Drift and leave your rivals behind in the dust, jump and blast off with boosters to reach the finish line in one piece and grab the victory with both hands. SUP is not just an ordinary game.

You can make bets on your victory to win gems as well as design custom tracks of your choice. Share your tracks with players all over the globe and get rewarded with gems whenever you receive an ample amount of up-votes.

SUP Multiplayer Racing just as Street Racing 3D, not only tests your gaming skills, but it also puts your designing skills to the test. You can design your racing tracks, customize your ride the way you want, pass reactions while overtaking your opponents and perform stunts to acquire nitro frequently. The main objective of the game is to win against three outrageous opponents in a four-player race. Push them off-track, crash them and burn your nitro into the finish line to win the game.

Download SUP Mod APK

The game is straightforward for players who are mostly involved in racing games but for “noobs” even collecting coins and gems to unlock a single car is a huge concern. To help these new players we have created SUP Multiplayer mod.

SUP Multiplayer SUP logo
Developer: Oh BiBi
Publishers: Download

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What is so special about this mod?

With all the areas of gameplay we have discussed in the introductory part, there’s more to it. So, without further ado, let’s get into in-depth features of SUP Mod apk.

Feature Description
unlimited coinsUnlimited Money/Coins Like any other mod, SUD Mod apk also offers unlimited coins in the game. Coins being the primary currency can be used to purchase, customize, upgrade cars.
gemsUnlimited Diamonds/Gems Diamonds also known as gems in the game, can be used to resume a failed race, customize your car with rare skins and equip them with powerful performance parts. You don’t have to keep track of your expenditure as you get an unlimited diamond with the SUP Multiplayer Mod APK.
Unlocked cars

All Cars Unlocked

The mod itself tends to recommend what parts of a car you should upgrade! New cars in the game are only provided when all of your currently unlocked vehicles are at an equal stage level. You have to, however, open them through RNG in chests.
nosUnlimited NOS Boost Nitrous Boost can be extremely powerful during the last leg of the race or when racing against an overpowered opponent. Nitrous boost can be acquired in the game by performing drifts and stunts. However, that’s not an issue with the mod as it comes with unlimited nitrous.
max speed

All Cars with max speed

We all know that there’s a huge difference between the base and top variants of the car. All your cars will be unlocked to perform at its maximum speed with this SUP Mod apk.
upgrade cars Customize and Upgrade cars Every racer is known by his ride. The color and theme the car flaunts are of key importance. You can customize your cars and upgrade them according to your choice using the mod with just a single click. Yes, it is as easy as it sounds!

Free Chests

Every time you finish a race with good scores, a chest unlocks. Chests help in increasing the number of coins and unlocking cars. There are many different chests like Rainbow, Gold, Epic, Legendary, each of which is available to unlock at will in SUP mod apk.

How to create a custom SUP mods on PC

Games are double the entertainment when enjoyed on a bigger screen. The most suitable alternative is now to play SUP Multiplayer mod on PC. To do so, follow the steps we have mentioned below very carefully:

Step 1) Download the apk file from the trusted web link given above.

Step 2) Proceed by changing the extension of the file from .apk to .rar.

Step 3) Extract every file possible as soon as the .rar file is generated.

Step 4) Locate AndroidManifest.xml or MANIFEST>MF and on Notepad, add any modified code as per your needs.

Step 5) Compress the file into .rar format once again and install SUP Multiplayer Racing Mod.

Drop the Gear and Disappear!

SUP Multiplayer Racing is one of the most unique game in the history of racing games. Not only can you design race tracks to your taste, but can also earn resources from your tracks at the same time. This game not only helps people socialize with players all over the world, but it also gives you an option to express yourself using the emoji option. Now with SUP mod, the game is not limited to what the developers had to offer at the first place.

So, do you have what it takes to be on the number one spot of the leaderboard? Then drop a gear and disappear.

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