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Aristotle said that man by nature is a social animal and I can’t agree more. Mobile phones took socialisation by a storm, and if it was not enough, WhatsApp was founded back in 2009. Since then, it has built itself a community of over 1 billion active users. That’s some mind-boggling figure, right? Whatsapp has evolved a lot from the day it was launched till now. Not only it offers fast person to person messaging, but it also offers services like free video and audio calling.

Whatsapp is a great social app and there’s no denying to it. But Android developers wanted more features and they were not patient enough to wait for the developers at the Whatsapp to do it, so they did it themselves and this is how Whatsapp Plus a.k.a. WhatsApp Plus Mod Apk was born. Whatsapp Mod Apk official is a modified version of the original Whatsapp version offering tons of additional features. You name it, Whatsapp Plus official has it.

If I get a chance to choose between the original version of Whatsapp and Whatsapp Plus, I will definitely choose WhatsApp Plus. The only thing that keeps me stuck with the original version is its stability. Yes, just like a tree full of fruits is unstable, so is Whatsapp Plus, loaded with features. Well, I am not saying that it is completely unstable, but it does crash a few times, but so does the original version of WhatsApp.

So, without further ado, let’s get straight into the article and know everything about Whatsapp Plus that one needs to.

WhatsApp Plus Download 2019

To get Whatsapp Plus official on your phone, here are the steps:

  1. Head to this link and download the latest version of Official WhatsApp Plus Mod Apk 2019.
  2. Before moving to the installation process, take chat backup of your existing WhatsApp by heading to the settings and then further to Chat options. Create a backup on an accessible Google Account along with media.
  3. Once the backup process is complete, uninstall the original version of WhatsApp and install the downloaded WhatsApp Plus.

Note: Make sure you have enabled installation from unknown sources by heading to the privacy section under the settings menu.

  1. After installation, it’s time to set up your WhatsApp account. Enter your phone number and wait for WhatsApp to auto-detect the available chat backup locally or on the cloud.
  2. Enter your name, choose your display picture and you’re good to go. Enjoy the Latest WhatsApp Plus Official.

Official Whatsapp Plus mod apk 2019 features

Lets take a look at the features of Whatsapp Plus and see what this hype is all about:

  1. Whatsapp Plus is based on the original version and gets frequent updates similar to that of original Whatsapp.
  2. Get notifications of revoked messages.
  3. A handy feature to lock the audio recordings using WhatsApp Plus.
  4. Play videos in external video player of your choice rather than using the default WhatsApp media player. This will not only provide better quality but will also add background play in a player like MX Player.
  5. UPI payment option is available now on WhatsApp Plus 2019.
  6. Do Not Disturb option to restrict incoming calls and messages.
  7. Automated replies now available. It can come handy for wishing your friends on their birthday and to reply to messages when you are occupied with something else.
  8. Hide and freeze last seen time, disable blue and double ticks.
  9. Anti-revoke messages function available which restricts the sender from deleting the sent messages.
  10. Freeze your online status to always stay on the go.
  11. WhatsApp Plus official inbuilt app lock. No need to install any third party software to encrypt your messages.
  12. Friends Activity Tracker to keep tracker of their active time spent on WhatsApp.

This is not it, there are a ton of other features available too. Take your time and walk around WhatsApp Plus to pull out its maximum potential.

Is WhatsApp Plus the only modded version of WhatsApp?

No, there are plenty of other modded versions of WhatsApp too. Some of them are OGWhatsApp, GBWhatsAPP and Descargar WhatsApp Plus. These are some of the most popular mods of WhatsApp and have their own unique features. There is no comparison we can put on each other as they are amazing in their own way. Choose the one that fits best according to your needs.

What’s Next?

Well, WhatsApp Plus is a complete package of features. Despite being an unofficial version of WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus official has been changing the way you use this messaging platform. It has scored a hefty amount of downloads as compared to the official version and what doesn’t surprise me is that it is completely safe. Regardless of the fact that it is being made by individual developers, it has achieved an incredible amount of stability among frequent users. Additionally, WhatsApp Plus receives regular updates so you’re on the same page with the official one. What are you waiting for? Try your hands on this latest Whatsapp Plus mod apk.

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