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World war heroes mod

Around the same time that Germany fought for power in Europe, Japan wanted to control Asia and the Pacific.

Didn’t you know about that? Then there might be a lot of other facts from World War 2 about which you have no idea, but will they excite you?

World War Heroes will take you to World War II, where you’ll be able to use military vehicles to conduct battles, choose from 57 unique weapons types: pistols, assault rifles, machine guns, shotguns and many more, 5 game modes and a custom mode with your own rules, 4 types of battle vehicles from different countries: USA, Russia, Japan, and Germany and 7 legendary World War II battles!

You can also join tournaments to win prizes and raise your clan. Feeling the Heat already?

If you think that’s a lot, World War Heroes Mod APK have even more to offer you with unlimited gold and money, All Weapons Unlocked and a lot more. It will take you directly to the World War battlefield with its HD graphics to make you sweat in the sun in a uniform with a gun in your hand and all your brain is thinking about is finding and killing your enemy while protecting your squad. So let’s zip up the uniform and get Started.

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World war arsenal

World War Heroes is a tough game to master. Being a multiplayer online game, players from around the globe compete against one another. Some players are experienced while others are not. To be able to withstand these players a new player can make use of the modified version of World War Heroes. The mod offers new player extra features like unlocked weapons and unlimited ammo.

World War 3 Mod World war heroes logo
Developer: Azur Interactive Games Limited
Publishers: DownloadOBB files

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Features of the mod

Feature Description
unlimited goldFree Unlimited Gold World War Heroes mod server offers you unlimited gold every time the game starts. This helps you with upgrading your weapons, armors and a lot more. You can upgrade troops without having to pay anything for in-app purchases.
unlimited cashFree Unlimited Money To upgrade troops and weapons in-game cash is required. In the original version of the game, cash is collected after every mission in very little quantity. With the mod version, you get free money that you can use any time during gameplay.
unlockedAll weapons unlocked No wars are won without weapons. A good arsenal is the right ingredients to win any war. With all weapons unlocked a player can switch between any weapon at a time.
better simulationHD Graphics Good graphics are always required to be able to play a game for a longer duration. To win wars an army has to be in the field for a longer duration. This is where good graphics help.
upgraded weaponsUnlimited Ammo Weapons are of no use without sufficient ammunition. And when long wars are fought having enough ammunition is a must.
unlimited healthAuto Aim Auto aim is a part of the Mod menu patch. It automatically focuses your weapons aim point on enemies. You can easily get headshots with this feature.
high fire rateUpgraded Weapons No battle was won without good weapons. If you want to increase your victory rate, you should have a good collection of upgraded weapons. With World war heroes mod, you can have a fully upgraded arsenal which includes destructive weapons like Machine Guns, Laser, Rocket, Fusion cell, Cryo Bomb and much more.

Additional features in World War Heroes Mod APK latest version 1.10.6

  • Added new maps like Pacific Island and Finland in the game
  • Added new Japanese language option
  • Various optimizations are made and game fixes are done to experience the finest and most complete Android game action.
  • Loot boxes with cartridges, grenades, weapons etc are added on the maps;
  • New modifications for weapons, hats, key chains, and skins were also added;
  • Tanks have different zones of defeat;
  • Added Clan Skills, Contracts, final scene, secondary vehicle guns for better gameplay;
  • Added Signal missiles, machine guns, rifles, shotguns, flamethrower etc to make you want them;

Wrapping up

The game is a mixture of Skill and timing and if you excel in these two things, that battlefield is yours and so is that trophy. The game is really addictive because of the variety of weapons, vehicles, game mode and sure the HD graphics of the game. The Custom Mode is the catch here and it helps you to mold things as per your view which is great. We Hope you guys will like this game. Do let us know your views in the comment section below.

Let the War Begin.

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