Zombie Objective Mod APK – Unlimited Money and Health

Zombie Objective

The war against the dead walkers has begun.

The primary objective of the game is to eliminate the infected ones from the city and make it back to normal. You are a member of an elite squad which is making its efforts to blast enemies out and save the town. Your tasks will require you to defend valuable assets, gather and provide supplies, protect the innocent people injured by the zombies, provide sniper support for your squad and of course, kill and slay zombies.

You will be fighting the zombies in 7 unique environments, and as you level up, zombies will become more powerful than before. Completing the objective will be easy in the beginning, but as you progress into the game, it will get tougher. In such cases, it gets mandatory to receive some additional help. With a ton of other features, Zombie Objective Mod will make things way easier for you. You will receive premium combos, premium weapons, unlimited coins, and much more. To unfold the whole face of Zombie Objective Mod APK, we suggest you continue reading further.

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The original game will introduce to only a limited number of items when you start playing. As you level up, further weapons, armory, and other things will be unlocked. This might seem like a generous process, but it can get frustrating over time. If you want to change your gaming experience, you can try your hands on Zombie Objective Mod APK which gives you access to all the premium content, all guns unlocked, free premium combos, unlimited coins and much more. The game is unlike any other stand and fire games because it is based on the free movement first-person shooting concept.

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Developer: Killer Bean Studios
Publishers: ModsApks.com Download

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Zombie Objective Mod APK offers some of the most premium features that are not provided by any other version of the mod. These features include access to premium and paid contents for free. Here are 6 of these exciting features explained in details:

Features Description
Unlimited MoneyUnlimited Money Gold can be used to purchase most of the items in the inventory and plays its role as the primary currency in the game. Other utilizations of Gold include the purchase and upgradation of weapons and armors. Though the incoming flow of money is pretty much consistent, need for a hefty amount of money at once can arise for purchasing a vest or a weapon. If you don’t want to compromise on your protective gears and weapons, you can utilize unlimited money that you receive with the mod.
unlimited goldUnlimited Gold Gold bars are difficult to obtain, and there are only limited sources that reward you with gold bars. The primary use of gold is to resume a failed level and to buy some rare pieces of equipment from the store. Having insufficient gold bars at some times can put you on backfoot against zombies. However, you can get back on track by making use of Unlimited gold bars that you receive with the mod.
comboCombo Packs purchased Combo packs provide you access to some of the most premium weapons and equipment which include long, short and mid-range weapons, melee weapons, armors, and boots. However, these packs come at a hefty price. If you don’t wish to spend your money on this, you can get these combo packs for absolutely free with the Zombie Objective Mod APK.
upgraded weaponsAll weapons upgrade Entry level weapons have low damage, and dealing with a group of zombies can be absolute drama with such guns. If you don’t want to get a cruel defeat by the zombies, you can get upgraded weapons without any trouble of upgrading them manually with the Zombie Objective Mod APK.
unlimited healthUnlimited Health If your reflexes are not as fast as other players, you can be surrounded by zombies in no time. Taking too much time to kill them is a sign of inviting damage to yourself. In such cases, you can enjoy the benefit of having unlimited health with the mod.
grenadeUnlimited Grenades We all know how useful grenades are in dealing with a group of enemies. A good grenade throw can take out most of the enemies at once. However, you will only get three grenades for each level with the standard version of the game. However, these grenades can be made unlimited with the mod.

Now that you know what Zombie Objective Mod APK has to offer, you definitely would want to choose it over the ordinary version. Remember, this and all other mods available on the internet are only meant for educational and learning purposes. In no way, we intend to affect the developers of the game. Any improper use of the mod may have its consequences.


The game offers seven different locations with stunning 3D graphics making sure that you are never bored. There are seven modes in the game and 12 different kinds of zombies. The difficulty can be set to secure, medium, or hard depending on your choice. This is an age restricted game due to extreme violence it has to offer and is recommended to users above 18 years of age. If you fill these criteria, grab your gun and start hunting enemies down.

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